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All of our duct systems are designed to make assembly as easy as possible. All Satincoat, Aluminum, Galvanized and P.C.D. duct are incredibly economical and functional. They can be worked in the shop or in the field with ease. Ask us about the application you have in mind!

Stainless Steel
The most durable and maintenance free duct available, stainless steel tubing can be used for any purpose. When installed properly it maintains a beautiful finish without paint or polish. Due to the higher cost, it is typically used for moving chemical vapours or moist air as the material tolerances are very high. Very long lasting, stainless steel tubing is also great for use as a decorative air system.

This Galvanized duct has been pre-treated to absorb paint. It is ideally suited for indoor sites where duct will be seen. Paint absorbs quickly and is highly resistant to flaking.

This durable duct stands up well in high moisture areas and is idea for indoor pools or water treatment facilities. It is a long lasting, light weight tubing alternative.

This common duct is designed for heating & cooling systems. It is also ideal for wood shops or dust collection systems.

P.C.D. (Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork)
Comes coated inside, outside or both depending on the needs of the project. This durable product is incredibly economical and functions for fume chemical systems. (Note: This product has been sold under the name P.V.S. We use the name P.C.D. but the product is the same.)
CLICK HERE to view P.C.D. Chemical Tolerances for ducting of exhaust fumes.

4 x 1 P.C.D. - Standard of the trade for underground heating and air-conditioning systems, has a 4-mil polyvinyl coating on the outside for protection against corrosion from the soil.
4 x 1 Reverse P.C.D. - Has a 4-mil polyvinyl coating on the inside. Used for fume exhaust systems.
4 x 4 P.C.D. - Has a 4-mil polyvinyl coating on both sides. Gives maximum interior and exterior protection.

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